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Blackcaps year end AGM & Season Awards 2016

The Year end Annual General Body meeting of Blackcaps took place on the 16th of October 2016 at Kirti's restaurant, Dusseldorf.  The agenda of the meeting was to review the High's & Low's of season 2016 and to recognize and celebrate outstanding performers from the club. The event took place in a relaxed atmosphere and was well attended by the players and their families. The meeting saw positive reviews about the by-gone season, followed by a productive discussion on the upcoming 2017 season. The general consensus was that as a club we should focus on growing and expanding further by taking the game into the grassroots level and bringing more kids and women into the game, while also keeping focus on improving the quality of cricket within the club and generating players for the state teams and the country. 

This was followed by some delicious home cooked lunch by Blackcaps members and the Awards ceremony to cap it up. Players were recognized for Man of the Match performances in victorious games and over all season awards like Best Batsman, Man of the season etc. were distributed as well for rewarding consistency throughout the year. The list of Award Winners can be seen below in the pictures.

Man of the Match Winners 2016

List of Man of the Match award winners for all the victorious league games from the 2016 season.

Pictures Year end AGM 2016

Majeed and Abdul getting excited about the meeting ;)


List of Special Award Winners.


Majeed receiving his special award for Best All rounder 2016


Rahul receiving his Man of the Match Award


Gaurav receiving his Man of the Match Award


Suthan receiving his emerging player award


Kashif getting the Best Bowler Award for 2016


All eyes on the presentation ;)

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